Edesix Ltd is a UK manufacturer of Body Worn Camera (BWC) solutions for those in public facing roles, with the aim of helping to improve safety, whilst producing compelling evidence when needed.

Founded in Edinburgh in 2002, the company’s flagship product series, VideoBadge, is a Body Worn Video system, often styled as an ID card holder. Its simple operation, footage encryption and wire-free design make it extremely versatile and suitable for all types of users and applications. Edesix’s VideoManager software solutions enables web-based viewing and editing of incidents, and preparation of evidence packages for sharing with industry partners. The software is designed to control and manage cameras, their footage, and footage from other sources if required, in a simple but highly-efficient and secure manner.

Edesix designs, develops and manufactures its hardware and software entirely in the UK. The company has provided BWC solutions worldwide, ranging from local authority enforcement teams, police forces, bailiffs and security personnel.

After substantial roll-outs for the Abu Dhabi police force and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), Edesix has gained significant press coverage and continues to supply large scale operations worldwide.

Edesix endeavors to innovate its BWC solutions going forward, whilst garnering greater support from a wider field of industries.

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